CREATECH AUTOMATION MANUFACTURY is an unique company with a strong technology team focusing on all-around, customized solutions for customers. We are specialized on design and manufacturing for automation assembly and testing, precision fixtures and non-standard component.
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This amplitude type vibration test machine can be used for simulation testing pedometer, running up and down to simulate the human body vibration, shock walking mountain bike, car walking vibration.
VS800 Features:
1. Dimensions 550x600x800, beautiful appearance, low noise.
(2) vibration amplitude 0-35MM, can be manually adjusted.
3 LCD display, real-time response to vibration frequency and vibration frequency.
4. Microcomputer controlled display, variable speed. Preset vibration frequency 1-9,999,999 times
5 working voltage is 220V AC, but by switching power supply into 24V safe voltage.

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