CREATECH AUTOMATION MANUFACTURY is an unique company with a strong technology team focusing on all-around, customized solutions for customers. We are specialized on design and manufacturing for automation assembly and testing, precision fixtures and non-standard component.
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One. This part of the description on the products in the HT series.
Original core control technology, long life, safe and reliable.
1 special anti-rotation and eliminate inertia design, positioning accuracy, high precision anti-rotation 0.02-0.05MM.
2 simple control, with magnetic induction, easy-to-PLC, SCM and other systems with the formation of auto production.
Pneumatic Rotary splitter, also known as pneumatic, pneumatic wheel. Pneumatic wheel can replace cam splitter, a circle divided into equal portions to a predetermined standard, usually 2,4,6,8,12,16,24, etc., special attainment according to customer requirements.
Compared to the cam splitter, pneumatic turntable has the following advantages:
1. Simple structure, simple control, cam splitter need to be equipped motor, brake clutch, occupies space is very large, while the pneumatic cylinder wheel drive only, a small footprint, is easy to install.
2. Cam splitter for fixed-station time, do not stop the workplace, so it is more efficient if each station's time is not fixed, you need to start and stop frequently occasions, it is not suitable. Pneumatic Rotary filling the need to control every action to issue instructions, each action can be based on actual machine operating conditions and actions, so longer life expectancy.
3. Some people think that accuracy is not high pneumatic wheel, which is a kind of understanding, misunderstanding, pneumatic rotary positioning components within the structure of very strong, abrasion, no accumulated error, locate parts even if there is wear and tear, it will not affect repeat repeat accuracy.
4. Pneumatic wheel can withstand the hit? To our special design, can impact to solid base, it can apply to a number of heavy machining on.
5. We currently have vertical Model: IT-140, IT-180, IT-250, IT-320, IT400, IT600 for drilling, tapping, ultrasonic attainment process, the Ministry of slots and other occasions,
6. My company has a stock off built parts pre-treatment, so fast delivery.

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